Allowed File Hosts

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Allowed File Hosts

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Only respected posters are allowed to use premium file hosts.

To become a respected poster you will first need to post at least 5 content posts with free links to the files. None of these posts can be duplicates, as we do not allow duplicate content. You can still use premium links without being a respected poster, but then you must include free links also.

General rules for becoming respected poster:

No duplicate content
Files need to contain at least 20 pictures or 5 minutes worth of video
Content need to follow our global rules
No paid links shorteners or ads (ref hiders are ok)


New users have to use to create links to at least 4 hosts. However if you dislike the you can also post a minimum of 3 free links seperate yourself or use different mirror creator.

You can use any of the hosts provided by as long as they are NON-Premium and allow pornographic content to be uploaded.

Suggested hosts are:

Picture hosts

We ONLY allow picture hosts with minimum ads and redirects. Many of those redirect sites are often infected with malware. We advise you to use:

Suggested:Image Twist (earn $5 / 1000 views!)